Make It a Nintendo Holiday!

Looking for a last-minute gift for a gamer friend? Family member? Significant other? Nintendo’s got you covered with this cute little infographic!

Nintendo Infographic

Dragon Age Multiplayer

So let me just put this out there…the multiplayer portion of Dragon Age: Inquisition sucks. It’s bland, highly unstable, and extremely repetitive…but for whatever reason I spend about 1 to 2 hours going at it every day! I’ve finally figured out why:

  • The single-player campaign forces you to control and account for 3 other party members; Online I only have to gear and control my own character
  • You are stuck with one specialization/archetype when you play offline; Online you can switch classes at any time
  • You can voice chat with other people

Though somewhat shallow, Inquisition’s multiplayer mode is a welcome addition for anyone who needs a periodic break from the single-player campaign. You should check it out!

Dragon Ball Xenoverse


Have you heard of this ambitious title due to come out in February of 2015?! It’s a 3D arena fighter based loosely off of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z which released at the beginning of this year. People have been playing in the Beta and have nothing but praise. The game features a cool hub world where you can see and interact with other people online in real time! The new fighting engine is created to suit both one on one and group battles.

Battle of Z wasn’t terrible…it just felt like it was missing features. I can’t recall playing a Dragon Ball game I’ve really liked since Budokai Tenkaichi in 2005. Here’s to hoping we’ve got a good solid 3D fighter on our hands…god only knows we need one!!

Fantasy Life – I’m Still Playing It!


I try my hardest to keep my excitement levels low in anticipation of a new game. Even so, there was one game that came out this year that I couldn’t help but get giddy every time someone would mention the name. That game is Fantasy Life. Level-5’s latest entry in the 3DS catalog. Fantasy Life is an open-world RPG where the main goal is to do what you want! Imagine that! Critics don’t seem to like it, but left up to me, I would consider it to be a strong contender for Game of the Year.

I pre-ordered the game before it was released, and that was a big deal. That means I not only had high hopes but also high expectations. With 70+ hours in, I can safely say that Fantasy Life has more than enough content to keep just about anyone satisfied. I will admit that despite a lot of the dialogue being throwaway, many of the characters have just enough unique charm and charisma that you’ll keep coming back for more. Combat is not a high point – at least at lower levels. Once you start unlocking new abilities for the 4 combat lives, you will start to see an improvement.

I STRONGLY recommend buying the Origin Island DLC earlier rather than later. It’s only $10 and adds enough additional content to be considered another game.

Klonoa 2: Lunatea’s Veil

Anyone remember this game? I was listening to a video game music radio station this weekend and one of the songs from the game came on. I have such fond memories from Klonoa 2. If you haven’t played it, it’s a platformer. It plays very similarly to the first one on the PS1, but Klonoa 2 added a new element with a 3rd dimension. It wasn’t very easy, but the characters and enemies were very cute and like-able. I would definitely play it again if I had the chance.


Aquarius is an Air Sign?!?!

open_the_gate_of_the_water_bearer__aquarius__by_inira-d6lnyarAquarius is an Air sign. The term “water bearer” refers to their love of people and humanity. Aquarius has a warm tendency to find interest in anyone they might meet and speak to them comfortably, they are simply interested in everyone. They say that Aquarius “Belongs to Mankind” because they hold many ideals that benefit Mankind as a whole. They are as beneficial to the human race as water is for the body. Hence the term: “water bearer” = “belongs to mankind” 

aquarius water lucy key fairy tail animeOh god………I’ve been lying to myself all my life? I have always assumed that Aquarius is a water sign, but lo and behold it is not.

I’ve gone through life playing games as characters that can manipulate water in some way because I always associated myself with it! I don’t even know what to do anymore. Water and Ice was my thing…but now it’s Wind/Lightning?! I can get behind that…I’m just lucky to have realized the err of my ways so early on!

I’m done.

For now…

Damn It, I Bought Pokemon…AGAIN!

ORAS Banner1

…and I can’t get enough of it! So in case you’re unaware, Nintendo recently released a remake of Ruby/Sapphire titled Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire – ORAS for short. I was reluctant to pick it up simply because every game is more often than not a derivitive rehash of the last. But with ORAS being a remake of my favorite generation of Pokemon games, I simply couldn’t pass it up.

So far I think it’s a wonderful remake. It’s amazing seeing all of the different locations and in-game music remade…even if some of them are slightly overdone. For me the most fun has been using my own Pokemon from other games. With the Pokemon Bank players are no longer relegated to using dinky Pokemon they find along the way. I hit the ground running with some of my lower-level favorites including Shinx, Manectric, Seadra, and Kadabra!

ORAS Screen Collage

Dragon Age: Inquisition


I’ve been playing Dragon Age: Inquisition this week and so far I really like it. I’ve been hearing a few complaints about the controls being poorly optimized for PC…I can only speak for the console versions…but the control scheme is pretty solid when playing with a controller.

Believe it or not, the combat is probably the most underwhelming aspect of the game. Most of the enemies have way too much health, and there is little strategy involved – unless you are playing as a mage. Quite often I felt like enemy encounters were miniature boss fights without any strategic layer. Simply hacking away at what I would call a “sponge”. Enemies that absorb a decent amount of damage before retiring. I am having a hard time deciding whether I like magic or archery better…so for the time being I am running two separate profiles. :D

Not unlike DA:O and DA2, Inquisition is full of lore. Every nook and cranny of the game houses knowledge of the world of Thedas. I am finding it quite fun to dig deep into the lore and actually learn about everything that is going on. Sometimes all of this extra information is a tad bit overwhelming – but it’s super useful if you are looking to immerse yourself.

While I find a handful of the characters to be meh-worthy, the rest of them intrigue me beyond comprehension. My favorite so far is Cassandra – the warrior/seeker who joins up with you from the beginning. She is very true to herself and I enjoy her dialogue both in and out of cutscenes.

While the plot is slow to unfold (following the tutorial), the decisions I’ve made thus far have made for a compelling story. I am most eager to play the game just to see what is going to happen next. I can’t wait to find out!

So I Needed Music at Work and Headphones Weren’t Cutting It!

I bought my very first Bluetooth speaker this week, from Abercrombie & Fitch, no less. For $35 it’s better than I expected. It’s very chic, with a thick white and blue stripe motif. It has the iconic moose in pink on one of the back sides.

And the Best Final Smash Goes To…

After playing Smash Bros a bit, I can definitely agree that Megaman has the best final smash of all the new characters. Someone made this cute little parody video of it below.

Anime Music!

Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of anime and video game soundtracks, I need a break from all the electronica. Notable albums? Kill La Kill OST, Bleach OST, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (Vocal Trax), Dissidia: Final Fantasy OST…any recent good ones I’m missing? Comment!

Persona 2

You know, I’ve played an insane amount of console games released since the Sega Genesis but one series I’ve never touched is Persona. It has such a cult following, and I didn’t get in early…I’ve always felt like I missed that train, so to speak. Well…since Persona games were on sale last week, I decided to pick up Persona 2: Eternal Punishment for the PS1.

I can see the appeal, the story is full of wildly mysterious characters, and talking to demons in combat is an interesting mechanic. I am still wrapping my mind around the whole “befriending demons” thing but I think I am really going to like it!

Right now I am trying to get my friend to play Final Fantasy 7…since he’s never played a FF game before! I’m hoping we’ll both like these new (older) games.

Life Update!

Oh my gosh I’ve been so busy this past week. Between moving and transitioning between jobs I haven’t had any time to myself! I did go see Chevelle last night, that was my own celebration for getting this new job. Hopefully I’ll have some time to write something this weekend. I’ve HAVE been playing some sweet new games. :)


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