Time for an Upgrade!

So I’m selling my gaming rig. Kinda sad to see her go, but the minute amount of PC gaming I do now really calls for a change. I purchased a Surface Pro 3 last night…hopefully it ships quickly. They are pricey but who can beat a tablet that also fully functions as a laptop?! I’m cutting PC games out of my life completely from here on out. I can’t justify micro transactions on free-to-play games so I am purging the fixation!!!

Look at her…she’s waiting to be picked up…so sad…

Lonely PC


Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I Don’t Know!

My collector’s edition finally came in the mail. Yay! Too bad the game itself is god awful. My roommate asked me to rank the game from 1-10, with 10 being the best. The game is an easy 2, it’s abysmal. Which is sad because the graphical style is kind of awesome. The BMO steelbook case makes it worth the purchase, however.

$13 in the trash. *Sigh*

(Sorry for the low-res pics…my phone is on its last leg)

Shovel Knight!

Apparently I had a couple of $5 code vouchers lying around so I decided to try the critically acclaimed Shovel Knight for 3DS, Wii U, and PC. I’ll admit, I’ve been quite the skeptic as the game considers itself the lovechild of games such as Megaman, Dark Souls, and Castlevania.

To my pleasant surprise the game has not disappointed me. I’m playing the 3DS version and the backgrounds look phenomenal in 3D. The controls are really tight, and the music fits like a glove. Yachts Club Games have truly outdone themselves.

Is it worth $15? Definitely.

Squall * Rinoa

Did I ever tell you Final Fantasy VIII is my favorite? It’s probably because the graphics were really good.


Crackdown 3?!

Microsoft announced Crackdown 3 at E3 last month. An announcement that went under the radar. In case you haven’t heard of the series, I’ve put together a very honest (and brief!) synopsis.

Crackdown is an amazing game. It’s Microsoft exclusive. Boom.


Basically, you play as a juicehead gorilla secret agent aka cop in a futuristic world with mafia and street thugs running rampant. You find powerups scattered across the world in order to gain stats, which effectively forces you to explore the beautiful open world. You can scale buildings if you’re smart about it and you can get through most of the game even without using a gun, though I wouldn’t advise it. It’s a third person shooter and one of the best games I’ve played on the 360. It’s like infamous, but…better. I’ve always secretly believed that Infamous was created solely so that Sony would have a similar offering.

I Almost Shut This Site Down…

…but then my co-worker and friend complained because she said  “how else am I going to find out what’s going on in Brandon’s world?”. I really couldn’t argue with her. I don’t do social media and this is more-or-less the only thing that represents me online.

I’ve always had mixed feelings about writing…growing up my teachers have told me that I am gifted. Writing is work though, not necessarily fun. Mix in the fact that gaming really seems to be on the decline and I just get so depressed when I come on here sometimes.

In other news: I recently met someone…and they raped me in Smash Bros. Have I finally found my equal/rival in video games? Only time will tell… :)

Just for the record this site isn’t going anywhere. Sorry I haven’t posted in 2 weeks though…I feel bad. My apologies are pretty good, so I hope you are ready for them.

Square Enix Announces New 5″ Figurines

Square Enix sent out an email blast today. Did you get it? If not, here’s the most interesting portion:

Square Enix Products

I really want that chocobo…


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